Jane Elder Strategies
Jane Elder Strategies, LLC

Welcome! Jane Elder Strategies, LLC is a source for effective strategies and tools for positive social change.  Our strengths are in strategic communications, organizational leadership and effectiveness, and the power of the written word.

We're a team with deep experience in environmental policy, communications theory and practice, and building stronger organizations.

Smart Communications

We use strategic communications approaches such as values-based communications to help organizations design campaigns, messages, and products that will connect with their audiences.  We also coach organizations in the art and craft of strategic communications so they can build internal skills and capacity for their ongoing work.  And our strong team of writers and editors practices what we preach when we settle in at the keyboard.  We produce powerful reports, compelling case studies, and other products that communicate the client's ideas.

Creative Leadership

We draw on our experience and training as executive directors and program managers, political advisors and corporate vice presidents, to help organizations articulate clear visions, plan programs and projects that will lead to positive outcomes, and provide tools to help track progress and evaluate success.

For a Sustainable World

Our backgrounds are diverse, but we share a commitment to work that brings us closer to a resilient and beautiful world that sustains life on Earth and fosters human dignity.  Environment is the focus of our work, but on a small, interdependent planet, strategies for positive social change are linked, and we look for connections to foster progress in multiple fields.