Jane Elder Strategies
About Us: Affiliated Consultants

A note from Jane...

I love talent and love working with creative people who are at the top of their game.  Our core group of affiliated independent consultants includes seasoned professionals and young innovators who know how to do quality work, and their skills complement my own.

Collectively, this group brings a wealth of experience from theory to application in effectively communicating ideas that are building blocks of meaningful social change and effective organizations.  Our editorial team knows how to distill powerful ideas into compelling language, as well as how to polish and proof a manuscript before it heads off to designers and printers.  Our researchers and writers have written books, white papers, reports, curricula, case studies, strategic plans, magazine articles, dissertations, grant proposals — well, you get the picture.  This team also knows its way around organizing effective meetings, building professional skill sets in communications and decision-making, and developing effective workshops and presentations.

In terms of issues, our team has particular depth in biodiversity, climate change/global warming, Great Lakes and freshwater issues, ecological restoration, and engaging the faith community in environmental partnerships.  We also have expertise in wilderness and park issues, permaculture, smart growth, and many other areas.

Our current team of affiliates includes Jim Abernathy, Dave Dempsey, Marian Farrior, Charlotte Frascona, Jane Moyer, and Cynthia Sampson.  From time to time, we bring on other specialists to serve the particular needs of a client, so clients who contract with Jane Elder Strategies have access to this wider pool of skills and experience. And if a project aligns with the particular talents of an affiliated consultant, a client can contract with the consultant directly.