Jane Elder Strategies
Services: Introduction

Our services are designed around effective strategies for communicating about challenging issues linked to the environment, sustainability, and positive social change. Our strengths are in strategic thinking and planning, communications tools and products, and building strong organizations and programs that can add sophistication and clout to their voice.

Our core services include:

  • Strategic Communications.  We help clients grasp the key concepts in message development, values-based communications, framing, and social marketing and work with them to design effective messages, campaign strategies, and materials to achieve their goals.
  • Communications Coaching.  We provide personal coaching to help organizations expand their communications sophistication and capacity, building stronger organizations and more effective skills for creating social and environmental change.
  • Program Planning and Evaluation.  We provide tools and guidance that can help groups take ideas from concept to implementation, with an emphasis on outcomes that lead to positive impacts.
  • Research, Writing, and Editing.  We take complex issues and distill key concepts without losing important context, editing for clarity and impact, whether it's a fact sheet or a comprehensive report.
  • Strategic Networking.  We connect leaders in various fields so they can share expertise and join forces to work on challenging issues and leverage opportunities.