Jane Elder Strategies
Resources: Specific Communications Approaches

Resources and contacts for specific strategic approaches.

Social Marketing
  • Community-based Social Marketing.  This is the site for Fostering Sustainable Behavior by Doug McKenzie-Mohr Associates in New Brunswick, Canada.  It includes a wealth of research, applications, case studies, and more on social marketing.
  • Tools of Change.  This is the social marketing “how to” site of Cullbridge Marketing and Communications in Ontario.
  • Vanguard Communications.  This is one the best firms in the U.S. for social marketing applications related to environmental issues.
Strategic Framing
  • The Frameworks Institute.  This is a good source for theory, applications, case studies, and scholarship on framing.  Great resources for nonprofits can be downloaded for free.  We highly recommend The Frameworks Toolkit ( 182 KB pdf), especially the check list on pages 33 and 34.
  • Cultural Logic.  This firm uses cultural frames and cognition to shape strategies for social change.  The site includes information on current and recent research and projects.
  • Rockridge Institute. This is George Lakoff's consulting firm.  The site includes articles by Lakoff, downloadable resources, and current information on frames in our culture.
Values-Based Communication
  • Biodiversity Project.  Biodiversity Project has a number of publications, message kits, and power point presentations that cover values-based communications.  Message kits on community biodiversity, sprawl, and eastern forests can be found in the Publications section. Power points can be requested from current staff.
  • The Jossey-Bass Guide to Strategic Communications for Nonprofits, by Kathy Bonk, Henry Griggs, Emily Tynes covers values-based communications.
  • Belden Russonello & Stewart.  Belden Russonello & Stewart is a leading public opinion research and communications firm that specializes in values-based communications.
Conservation Psychology Narrative Communications
  • smartMeme.  This creative team of activists and strategists uses values-based communications and a unique story telling or narrative approach for communications campaigns.