Jane Elder Strategies
Resources: Handbooks & “How to’s”

Handbooks, “how to’s” and helpful communications Web sites.

  • Communications Consortium Media Center.  CCMC has a wealth of handy resources, such as The Jossey-Bass Guide to Strategic Communications for Nonprofits, by Kathy Bonk, Henry Griggs, Emily Tynes, available through the CCMC Web site or Amazon.com.  This is a realiable, practical handbook for media outreach.  See other resources from the CCMC under evaluation.
  • Green Media Toolshed.  Whether you are a member group or not (and we encourage nonprofit to join for all the benefits they receive at big discounts), you can use the many resources on the home page. Under Media Training you will find communications planning templates via the Spin Project Web site and links to other communications resources.  Members have access to a national media data base, image bank, online press room, and other resources.  Related sites include Marty Kearns' net-centric advocacy site — a wealth of information for how to pursue advocacy through social networks.  A companion site, Advocacy 2.0, is a wiki on networks and advocacy.
  • Resource Media. This is a communications firm specializing in environmental issues in the American West.  Stay tuned for a new series of “how to” papers on various communications topics.
  • Spin Project.  This is a San Francisco based communications organization specializing in strategic communications for groups working on positive social change.  Resources include the Strategic Communications Plan Generator (an online template you can fill out; they will then critique your plan) and lots of other helpful tips and resources.
  • Spitfire Strategies .  As the Web site says, “provides communications solutions to promote positive social change.”  Check out their downloadable tools — especially the Activation Point.